Ajax is a mountain of a man, easily standing a good head above the average person and about twice as wide. A fighter by trade, what is known about him is that he spent two years in the Second Sons and traveled through the Elven Lands within the dark side of the planet. He moved to Maghariba about eight months ago.

He’s generally reserved about what he does for a living or his previous employment. If pressed long enough, he will mention that his many job titles included bodyguard, caravan security, ruins diver, patrolman of the Badlands and interrogator. His current employment is unknown, though he generally states it as self employment in a lucrative field, though he always refuses anyone joining him.

Ajax stand ~7 feet tall, weighs upward of 275 lbs and is mostly known for the multiple scars and burns running across his body. The most prevalent scar is the one on his throat that looks like someone tried to bite his larynx out.


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