Aunt Delilah


Delilah, a widow native to Maghariba and the older sister to Endora’s mother, is a soothsayer, one who can commune with the great beyond to extract information as needed, though often with a terrible cost.

She is widely considered an eccentric old kook, talking to shadows with her purse open for coins from any fool who wants to put something Into it and hear what they want to hear. The persistent nature of her husband Frankie to hang around 30 years after he should have left because of his death and the surprising accuracy of the often bizzarely specific readings show there probably is something true to her art. To hear Delilah say it, her powers started showing up after Frankie convinced her to help keep him out of Abaddon.

Delihah has one child, a daughter named Ka-Deel, who ran away on her 12th birthday after the telltale signs of Teifling heritage began to show. Her whereabouts, or status among the living, is unknown.

Delilah stands below five feet, and appears to be over 100, though most of that is from the strain of contacting spirits as from age, due to her being less the 60 years old.

Aunt Delilah

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