The city of Kazkazini sits in the northern tip of the planet, in what would be the northern pole. Being so far north, it is nearly completely dark throughout.

The major study is that of arcane magic, with the largest school in the world, The Kaza College, inhabiting the majority of the city and composing the majority of it’s leadership. Astronomical study also takes up a large chunk of the far north of the city, with a strong undercurrent of belief that the life of the planet would be best served elsewhere with a rather large effort being undertaken to find another planet nearby and a cheap, easy way to transport the population there.

The abundance of magic has made the city the richest in the world, though the abundance also forced a belief that the inhabitants are softer then those of other cities.

Soldiers from Kazkazini are generally referred to as Odalisques, or the Chambermaids not entirely out of respect.


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