Realms of Adromoteph

Session 13 - Quidon

I have to be honest here. My powers have always come naturally to me. Despite my seeming control of these forces, I do not understand them. And quite frankly that can be a scary thing. The other day I felt like something was wrong. The next night I couldn’t sleep at all, and definitely was not fully recharged and ready for battle. But it became much, much worse than that. I don’t even remember the next day. At All. I had to have been there when we defeated the devil/ghost. And I am sure I was helping to look for the shard (not that I can ever find anything). But I don’t remember a bit of any of it. When I finally came to, Jamy was gone and the rest of the gang were messing with some powerful deck of cards. I decided that anything that could disintegrate Cleftin and create an elemental to kill Jamy was too dangerous for. I sure wish j could understand magic better. Maybe then I would have been able to use that deck to my advantage…

Session 13 McFarin

We went onward and found a courtyard. There was an old language labeling some desicated flowers. We then went up a tower and found a bedroom that was mostly preserved. We went to bed.

On my watch I was woken up by crying and I decided to check out what was going on. We went downstairs and found a cellar that had been hidden. The guys went down and then I was trapped out of it. I planned on dispelling it and joining them, but then felt compelled to go outside.

There was a ghost there waiting for a king who was long dead. I convinced her to no longer wait and she agreed. After that the guys were just coming back from the cellar when a new ghost appeared. It was the ghost we had to defeat to find the shard. It was a demon/ghost cross and was a pain for a bit, but we took it out finally.

The next day I found that Jamy was a new captain of the weresharks, and we searched for the shard. We found the remains of a succubus who was tortured and her ghost. I tried to help her find atonement, but it took Ele to really do that. Then we found the shard and a Deck of Many Things.

Cleftin was distintegrated and brought back by Endora. I got a demiplane, more powerful, healthier and a noble title. Jamy was killed by an Air Elemental and her body was taken to that plane. and the others got cool stuff. I hope we run into another one!!!

Session 12 - Raphael

You know, you don’t really know what you’re missing until you go without it… A good night’s sleep is one of those things. When we wake up well rested and feeling better, we start off with a really long and boring hallway. Quidon was so bored he actually started casting open/close all along the hallway. Wouldn’t you know it; he actually ended up finding something. I didn’t really pay attention to what it was. I will have to ask him about it later.

We continue down the hall and find that we are walking on bones. Endora does her consecrations, and everyone else is on edge expecting these things to jump up and come back to life. Nothing happened though so I guess we are safe for the moment. Continuing down the corridor we come across a room with some sort of alter. There was a corpse of a beast on the alter. If you could call it a beast I guess, since it was turned to stone. I seem to recall something like this during my studies in the library, but it is escaping me at the moment. Either way, Cleftin thinks it might be worth something so he gets a jar from McFarin and they both seal it up tight.

The next room was where it all fell apart for me. I was shot in the face with an arrow, and was instantly ticked off. It was an archer about 100’ away from us. I figured getting in close and rushing past the pool of water would be our best bet. As soon as I got up there however she gets a few more shots off and Endora puts up a Wind Wall behind me. I had no armor on, and was not prepared for a Wind Wall, as I figured other people would be distracting her while I made my way to her. Unfortunately I was now isolated and was her only opponent. She smiled as she stuck more arrows into me. When I finally made it over to her, I hit her as hard as I could and nearly tore her in half. She was able to get one last point blank arrow in my chest though, and Endora was able to put an arrow in her back as well. We both went down… dead.

I was floating above my body for what seemed like an eternity. I saw light, then darkness. I heard angels, and screams… like both sides were fighting over me. Then, through the veil, Chains laced with Arcane Energy seemed to pull me back into my body. I was alive again. I woke up feeling stronger than ever. I felt better than I had in days, like I had slept for a full week. A death doesn’t really faze this team very much though, so after I get up we continue like nothing happened.

The next room has some Bearded Devils in here and unfortunately they met me after I was already unhappy. My weapon seems to rip through them quite effectively. Unfortunately I met some of these ghost babies that I heard about a long time ago and they were worse than I was led to believe. We took them out as well. After that we continue to search for the shard piece, but came across a laboratory. I thought for sure McFarin was about to piss himself out of happiness. Unfortunately the room was not empty and we had to take down a golem that was against a wall. After this we decide to take a break and let McFarin tinker with his new toys.

Session 12 - Cleftin

After finally getting some sleep, we headed back out in the morning. Quidon happened to come across some old trap that actually had some sort of little magic item in it that happened to be something he could use, which was good. We headed farther in and found some old, weird temple. Endora did her good bless thing. I did happen to find, something extremely ofdd but something I think could be used for studying by the magic temple people. Apparently it was some sort of aborted fetus stuck inside of some statue of some god or demigod or something. Either way, yeah it was gross but I really think the magic guys topside might be able to do something with it for studying it or something. and it might be worth a pretty penny to them. I do need to look out for my family’s future once the Second Sons enlistment ends. I eventually convinced McFarin to give me a jar to keep it in and had him seal it up tight. The next room had a creature not of this plane in it as well as some water but we were able to skirt around the water. Raphael charged in, as Raphael is wont to do and ended up getting killed by the thing. Apparently though there was something in the water as well because some tentacles reached out and tried to get me. They missed me but did end up getting Quidon. He eventually got free and I charged after the Erinyes thing to avenge Raphael but the rest of the team beat me to it so I turned around and went after the only other thing in the room to take my anger out on…the tentacle thing. It had gotten Quidon wrapped up again but with a mighty swing of my greataxe I was able to get him free. and me and Endora eventually took him out. We did have to call in our favor from the wizard though and get Raphael brought back to life good as new. We then continued on after we did some healing. Another room, another set of bad guys. I struck down some bearded devils that had snuck up on Endora which everyone else concentrated on some zombie things and took them out. We did some more searching and unfortunaly found some more undead ghost babies…but with my special weapon I was able to really handle them this time. Although one of them did get a good bite on Quidon before I could take it out. We rested up and headed onward to find the shard the next morning only to find that Quidon couldn’t regain his spells for some reason. Something about a curse needing to be lifted or something. Something we can’t do right now because we lack the clerical ability. Stupid undead babies. We did find an alchemy lab for McFarin though, who was thrilled at everything. Unfortunately for him, we did have to put down some weird alchemical golem. steel and alchemicals liquids and stuff all holding it together. But at least McFarin did get something neat out of it to help him further his alchemy research and hopefully further aid us in reaching our ultimate goal of saving the world, but making it much easier to do so.

Session 12 - Quidon

The gnolls must have gotten tired themselves and finally left us in peace to get some much needed rest. If I only knew it was going to be my last good sleep in a while.

We headed deeper into the cave system. And lo and behold I was goofing around with my Open Close spell in the morning and unlocked some old secret trap or some such. I didn’t even know it was there, but then again I miss a lot of things the others say are obvious. Amazingly it contained a small runestone. I couldn’t quite figure it out but the other guys told me it would help me attune into my latent magic, probably giving me more energy each day. Cool. I put it in my pocket for safe keeping.

Next we came into a room with some grotesque altar. The guys found something inside that Cleftin wanted to save. He thinks he can get some money for it. I think he will get run out of town, but of course wish him the best. Still, this place is getting weirder all the time.

The next room was partially collapsed with a flowing stream on one side. And some devil on the other side who shot at us with her bow. Raphael charged in and took a second arrow. Endora protected us with a Wind Wall. Cleftin moved up but couldn’t get into range. And then in happened. Raphael hit her really hard, but she counter-struck with deadly force and put him down. Dead. I was watching in awe and never saw the beast come out of the water and grab me. It took all my wits (and a couple of spells) to break free, but only to be grabbed again a few seconds later. Luckily for me, the rest of my party is really good and they were able to kill both the devil and the Aboleth before I was pulled under. We gathered around Raphael and agreed that we needed to make the wrong right. We summoned our cocky, elven wizard friend and called in our favor. True to his word, he was able to bring Raphael back. And I will honest, Raphael seems much healthier than before.

We came across another one of those undead babies. We were ready for it this time but it still got a hit on me. Such a strange feeling. It just sucks out my power. But the hit this time was not nearly as bad as before and I was able to heal myself with a little restoration magic.

Then we came to a room which was all kinds of bad. First we were attacked by some Bearded Devils that we’ve seen before. Then a few Juju zombies dropped in but something unseen was hitting me. I was eventually able to locate it enough to Glitterdust it and we beat on it for a while, eventually triumphant of course.

Onward again through a tall but narrow slit hallway. On the other side, a well-stocked alchemist lab. In the corner was the strangest of things. A construct. A golem made from alchemical stuff. Well, whatever. It attacked so we ‘killed’ it. Rest time. But no. I cannot get to sleep. My thoughts and dreams have turned to nightmares. So tired. And I do not feel like I have been able to fully re-energize my spells. It is going to be a long day tomorrow. Maybe I will just try to catch a few naps along the way…

Session 12 McFarin

Well, we finally got to sleep. It was rough going for a bit, but we eventually managed it. Which was a good thing because the next day was a rough one. We started going down a hallway and Quidon found a piece of magic that was attuned to him. I was really happy for him because the guy just hadn’t gotten much from us recently. For being so darned good looking, he’s a really unassuming guy!

We ran into a temple that Endora reconsecrated. Cleftin pulled out a monstrosity from a statue that looked aborted and demanded that we save and sell it. I was creeped out by it, but in the end gave him something to save it. I just hope it doesn’t come back as an undead….

Anyway, we come down a hallway into an area with water seeping in and it looked deep. Well, we then see an Erinyes, and we have to attack it of course. Problem was that something was also in the water, so when Raphael went to deal with the Erinyes, he was alone. That thing killed him!!! Soon after that, Endora killed the Erinyes, and Cleftin and Endora killed the Aboleth in the water. After that we had a talk and I said whe should use the statue to summon my favorite extraplanar wizard to wish Raphael back to life, and the guys agreed. He talked about some weird stuff about floating above his body, but was soon back to normal. That was scary, and I’m not sure what we’ll do if it happens again!

We then moved on and went into another room with something that looked like it was hiding. Two bearded devils showed up that Cleftin killed and Quidon made the invisible thing hittable. More juju zombies dropped in and we killed those too. There were some undead baby things in some of the side rooms, and I’m told that those were a mess to deal with before, but Cleftin was able to use his ghost touch weapon to good effect against them.

We then rested, but turns out Quidon was cursed and couldn’t regain his spells. We need a higher level cleric thing to help him, which sucks as we will face the ghost before too long. Anyway, we went onward and found an alchemical lab. I was super happy to be able to restock and then we saw a golem in the corner. I wanted to save it and make it my own, but it was out of control so we had to put it down… That was one of the saddest things I’ve ever done… But I did get a new formalae book to peruse!

Enora Sesson 11

Yeah, Yeah, we fought out way over there, and over here but managed to save a Dryad. To be honest, that was pretty cool but with all the woodland creatures around, it doesn’t make for great sleep. Story time was interesting, all the stories sounded familiar but were not at the same time. And she didn’t seem pleased when we tried to add or guess the story that was being told… apparently it was not an interactive story time.

And we found the wizard who sent us even further down to find the shard. However, once we got tired, it was impossible to sleep. I was already tired but then we started getting attacked by dead gnolls. Not pleasant by and means and actually one of the more difficult fights to get through seeing as how tired I was, and how difficult it must be for B.D. Ritchie to really hear my praises from so many layers of worlds away. I have ever faith however, that he is there listening to me and preparing my soul for the adventures to come.

Session 11 - Raphael

Story time for the kittens and the Fey. Our Dryad friend told a story about a princess, evil witch, and some guy that saves them. Cleftin thought the Princess was possibly the same as the one in the paintings. No such luck.

After story time, they pretty much had a party. Soon after that though, we were finally pointed to a wizard that might be able to help us. Little did we know that the Wizard was the founder of the Arcane Academy in Kazkazini. I pretty much kept to myself when Quidon was called out on his armor. I imagine he would look down even more on me forcing my spells through a weapon. I sure am glad I removed my armor and didn’t put it back on.

You would think McFarin just met a planar god the way he was pawing at his every word. I guess this old Wizard must know a thing or two about the shard. He uses the shard we have to try and find the other one. We wait patiently while he locates it. Looking through the abyss must take a toll on him. Quidon only got a glimpse from him and he nearly fell to pieces. McFarin didn’t seem to have that many issues with it.

Just got word that they found the area that the shard is in. Of course, it’s yet another cave system. A lot of little holes poke through all of the walls and ceilings. I was just about to say something when we notice something shooting some kind of dart through them. Not really damaging or anything, but annoying to say the least. Once we get past them we end up running into an old acquaintance of ours. The Arcane Witch that did something to Ajax’s friend, Simon. We didn’t let her escape this time. After we were finished with her we ended up trying to get some rest. That did not last unfortunately, because more murder holes and more dogs decided to show up. These ones, however, were not like the ones we met before. These ones were undead.

We made short work of these things, but unfortunately one got away and warned all of the others that we were coming. We were able to prepare a little bit, and some hyenas showed up. Quidon trapped them in a Web, and Endora was able to calm them down enough to not let them be an issue. Unfortunately that did not last long as a fireball ended up killing them and wiping out the web. When we looked, I could not believe my eyes… It was a graveknight. I read about them in the college during my stay there with Master Shu. They are crazed and angry, and they are not easy to destroy. In life, they suffered such a horrendous death and held such anger toward the one that killed them, that their soul bound to their armor rather than moving onto the other side. They gain a lot of power, but at the cost of so much more. It pained me to see it like this, so we had to destroy it. Unfortunately the armor was something of beauty and powerful as well. Cleftin was not happy about it, but everyone was in such a hurry to destroy the armor that we didnt even think of taking the armor back to the Wizard to do something about it.

Everything has quieted down now, and it seems we may be able to rest for the night. Lets hope tomorrow has some good news for us in this quest for the shards.

Session 11 - Cleftin

So after getting back, the dryad told us a boring fairy tale. I was hoping it was about the same princess we found pictures of in the upper world but it wasn’t. Unfortunately. Because these artifacts could have been worth a mint down here too if it was. Anyways, she took us where we were looking to go to meet her neighbor who might know more about the shard. It ended up being some old wizard who started the magic school up top. I thought we should get some signed copied of textbooks to take back with us. They’ll be worth a nice penny, just like the princess picture and diary stuff. McFarin was pretty stoked about meeting him. I just want the shard piece so we can get back. Hopefully this wizard knows where the shard piece is and can also teleport us back topside once we find it since our way back up currently is unavailable…meaning we didn’t have one to start with. Anyway, the wizard had to do some “mystical looking” to try and find the shard and McFarin also helped. It was taking longer than I liked so I commented on it. I don’t think McFarin liked it very much but I"m guessing the old wizard’s hearing ain’t what it used to be because instead of showing me the “wonders of the abyss”, Quidon got to see them. Based on his reaction, that had to have sucked. The old man did get a fix on the shard at least, so we headed out to that. As we went into the place, we did notice a lot of murder holes in the walls and stuff. Apparently something kept shooting needles at people and it wasn’t any sort of trap. It was some sort of primitive dog man apparently based on tracks and the size of the holes. Endora used a stone shape spell to cut a hold hoping we could trick one of them to fall onto the floor and we could question it but it got away. But the other guys were able to track some stuff through the hallways in the walls to a spot where I needed gaseous form to get through to get to them in a room that could actually hold me. It was here we ran into the wizardess or whatever she was that did something to Ajax’s friend Simon. We were able to take her out and found a place to try and sleep through the night. That didn’t last though because these bunch of dogmen apparently were turned undead somehow and were coming after us so we had to get defensive. I knocked out one side of the wall so we could throw a web up to slow down any trying to come that way. they tried but got stuck. A web on the front also slowed some actual hyenas down and Endora calmed a few away but more came once the web was destroyed by a fireball form the apparently intelligent dogmen skeletons. After we picked a few off though, they wouldn’t come to us…so I went out to try and persuade them to come fight. The skeletons wouldn’t but some plated out armor dud eon a shadowy horse decided to step up to the plate…finally, a worthy opponent. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too worried about me weapons reach and took a nice big hit on that really shiny armor and that nice looking greataxe he was wielding. We exchanged a few blows although for some reason, his wussiness took over and he tried going after Raphael more than myself. We eventually knocked him down but I was informed that if we did not destroy the armor that he would just keep reforming. It hurt my heart to destroy such awesome looking armor. After the fight was over, I did retrieve the greataxe, which, unfortunately, is exactly like the one I currently possess. Too bad really. and the armor is too bad…especially since we found out that if someone could have taken it to the positive energy plane that it would have cleansed the armor and I thought about the plane-traveling old man wizard who might’ve been able to do that but too late. Anyway, maybe now we can get some sleep.

Session 11 - Quidon

We followed the dryad lady to her storytelling time. Animals. Fey. It was like a little party. Nice story about a princess, evil witch, and the hero who provides a happy ending. I sure hope that our quest works out so well.

The next day we visit her neighbor who lives in a cave just down the way. Turns out he is the founder of McFarin’s magic school. I have to admit. I wish I was smart enough to understand all of this magic stuff. It just comes so natural to me. But I really don’t understand most of it. Well, this wizard was very helpful and showed McFarin where we needed to go. They tried to let me see too. I never want to experience that again. Crazy freakin’ wizards.

So we go find our path and enter another cave system. Dark, small, and full of murder holes that keep being used to fire on us. Not really all that deadly but annoying as heck. I tried buffing us up and making everyone invisible (at least those that cannot get that way on their own). That helped for a while but the caves and holes just kept going. Eventually we busted our way into one of them using Endora’s spells and followed it to a dead end. Then I fell into a pit when I pulled a lever with Mage Hand. Really need to do that from further away next time. But we continued.

Eventually we killed some devils. I got to use my new wings, Grace and Diamond Spray for the first time. Then we tried to hunker down for the night in a little alcove. But we were attacked through more of the holes. We wiped out three of them but one got away and alerted the whole damn place to our presence. Sleep would have to wait. I used my Web spell for the first time (it really was a day of firsts for me) but it did little good. I fireball took it out before too long, but it did help contain some hyenas so Endora could pacify them. A big devil on a horse. Some big skeletons, a few hyenas, and a ton of regular skeletons attacked. It was a bit dicey for a while but we eventually prevailed. I think I am finally getting the hang of shooting Lightning Bolts around. They seem to be more effective than before. In the end, the guys and gals got themselves a bit of loot but nothing really came my way this time. It is okay though. I am feeling more capable all the time. Now, time to try to sleep again.


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