Realms of Adromoteph

Session 13 McFarin

We went onward and found a courtyard. There was an old language labeling some desicated flowers. We then went up a tower and found a bedroom that was mostly preserved. We went to bed.

On my watch I was woken up by crying and I decided to check out what was going on. We went downstairs and found a cellar that had been hidden. The guys went down and then I was trapped out of it. I planned on dispelling it and joining them, but then felt compelled to go outside.

There was a ghost there waiting for a king who was long dead. I convinced her to no longer wait and she agreed. After that the guys were just coming back from the cellar when a new ghost appeared. It was the ghost we had to defeat to find the shard. It was a demon/ghost cross and was a pain for a bit, but we took it out finally.

The next day I found that Jamy was a new captain of the weresharks, and we searched for the shard. We found the remains of a succubus who was tortured and her ghost. I tried to help her find atonement, but it took Ele to really do that. Then we found the shard and a Deck of Many Things.

Cleftin was distintegrated and brought back by Endora. I got a demiplane, more powerful, healthier and a noble title. Jamy was killed by an Air Elemental and her body was taken to that plane. and the others got cool stuff. I hope we run into another one!!!


Arthenon JoeySheffield

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