Realms of Adromoteph

Session 13 - Quidon

I have to be honest here. My powers have always come naturally to me. Despite my seeming control of these forces, I do not understand them. And quite frankly that can be a scary thing. The other day I felt like something was wrong. The next night I couldn’t sleep at all, and definitely was not fully recharged and ready for battle. But it became much, much worse than that. I don’t even remember the next day. At All. I had to have been there when we defeated the devil/ghost. And I am sure I was helping to look for the shard (not that I can ever find anything). But I don’t remember a bit of any of it. When I finally came to, Jamy was gone and the rest of the gang were messing with some powerful deck of cards. I decided that anything that could disintegrate Cleftin and create an elemental to kill Jamy was too dangerous for. I sure wish j could understand magic better. Maybe then I would have been able to use that deck to my advantage…


Arthenon jkiddy

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